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April 29, 2007


You are so definately doing the right thing by painting these large samples. Paint chips just don't do it, although I always think, maybe, this time I can get away with it. I never can. You are right about the darker pink looking red. I vote for pink #2 because it looks warmer in the picture, but only you can tell.

Dana, I like it as well. I also do the paint chip thing and always think I can get away with it. I'm turning over a new leaf. On my monitor they look almost exactly like they do on the wall and that pink (Cran Brook) that you like is warm. I didn't even like it on the card but now that it's up I do.

I like th darkest one best, but then again, I'm painting my dinning room red, so perhaps I'm biased! :D

I like #3. Sorry to hear about Bugaboo doing that. Ugh, you'd think people would have a brain and think but apparently not.

My vote is also for the pink in the second pic. It's not bubblegummy and it doesn't look too dark. I initially loved the first pink but I see how it can look too dark and you don't even have enough coats yet so definitively no to that one. I'm so excited for you...I'd love a pink room!!

It's very hard to tell, I lean more towards the reds/creanberries vs the pinks, but I only know bits of what you like from your blog. So I wouldn't listen to my paint choices so much.

I thought a hint might help before you paint the whole room, reds/pinks work best with a gray primer, not a pink one. You'll only need 2 coats of paint then, vs the 4 it sounds like you are needing with the pink primer. Hope that tidbit helps.

Love your blog, read it daily, but never post. I delurked because I thought the gray primer might help you out.

i actually like the raspberry pudding one :P

oh thanks zaya for the hint! i'll keep that in my... well.. one of my ideas notebooks... :P

I think #3 is the right choice - you want pink, you should go for pink!

Umm, not the one looks dark red at night - it'll just make you hungry all the time ;-) Loving the colours though. And yay for big test patches on the wall. Very sensible way to go.
And boo hiss to Bugaboo, what appalling customer service. They just earned a whole lot of p'd off new mother bad karma.

I'm still leaning towards #1.

I like the one in the second picture. I think the last one might be to light… The second one makes it look more cozy and warm.

I like #2 and #3

Any paint with red in takes lots of coats to attain an even finish. Don't give up it's worth it in the end.

i'm sticking with my first choice, right color in first pic. it reminds me of my old living room. i think it's a really classy color for a dining room. bravo!

I like number 1 (it's #1!) but then again, I like dark red. A close second would be number 4. It reminds me of bavarian white chocolate raspberry ice cream. Or I might just be delusional from hunger.

I love the one on the right in the top photo. I feel like it's going to go best with the other stuff you're thinking about putting in this room.

i painted my bath in the raspberry color...i thought i had made a HORRIBLE mistake until i got three coats on! i like the bubblegum pink on the right!

Pink, I like the one on the right in the top picture and the one in the last picture as well!

love love love raspberry pudding. with lots of white stuff I don't think it will look dark and to me dark says "very elegant" I think candle light and all that stuff will be wonderful. My dining room is dark and the upper walls are navy blue with light pink below the chair rail and I love it. Company always says how much they love it. What ever you do I can hardly wait to see it.

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