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April 21, 2007


Have you tried Goo Gone? That might work?

Do you mean you can't separate them from the cardboard? Because soaking in water at least will dissolve the cardboard and then you can use Goo Gone (which I swear by). Good luck!

Do you remember what brand or adhesive that was used? That might lead to a clue. Rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, goo gone, these are the standard bearers.

Here's a bit of inspiration

Can you just cut between the tiles and leave the cardboard on the back of each individual tile?

If not, I also agree with lsaspacey, who suggested soaking the tiles so that cardboard dissolves. Then deal with the adhesive problem afterwards (Who knows? The adhesive might soften up with the long soak!)

Ok, I tried the soaking on the back of one and it got off the cardboard (this is how they were sold - to hold together the tiles) but the adhesive was thick and hard as a rock. It seems like glue off is the consensus so that I shall try. Thank you, folks.

I have no clue on adhesives. None whatsoever. But I do think the tiles would look neat in a brightly colored frame (I love anything framed!) with a mat around it...bright blue frame with white mat or something like that. Or maybe on the side/front of a wooden box? Hmm. Not actually sure about the box thing, but there's the idea anyway. Have a great Sunday!

If you can’t do what Isaspacey says about soaking them in water. Have you considered to cut the extra cardboard that comes out the tiles and maybe not hanging them but placing them on a table against the wall or maybe against your kitchen sink backsplash. They are beautiful by the way.

I like the idea of cutting between the tiles, that way they'll get banged around less and you can soak them one or two at a time while you work on the others.

I don't have any ideas about using them. My only thought would be to use them as a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom but they totally don't match your kitchen so that's it for my display ideas. Good luck!

cut them apart, or soak them.

then maybe a shadow box type frame? not weird 70's shadowbox, but something to go with your current framing. i'm trying to think of something creative... but i wouldn't want to take away from the fabulousness. they are beautiful.

how lovely that you are able to get them out on display. i haven't managed that with my suzanis yet.

i agree with tara—goo gone is amazing stuff.

Do you like the idea of breaking them up into different pieces? Or do you want the ones that came together to stay together? Because you could do a fun little thing and space them apart around the house or in the corners of the room or in a row. But I'm always thinking about things theoretically and maybe they're just not practical. Can I post my tiles that I want to play with--they're just plain glass--or will that be copying?

Lighter fuel is great for removing glue.

Scrap, you most certainly may NOT copy me and post tiles. Jeez. (heehee)

They are gorgeous. I can't believe one was regifted. They should have sent it to me.

Goo Gone - works on everything that I've tried so far.

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