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March 01, 2007


I am so friggin jealous - I always wanted a collection of those mirrors!!!! The ribbon will be so pretty! Not sure about the glass - I know Pier 1 sells glass but I think only round ones. I would just call around glass companies in your area.

Love those mirrors, Pink! I've gotten glasstops cut at a glass place (I'm sure there's a proper name for it,but I don't know). You can specify the thickness of the glass and the type of edge (bevel, straight, etc.). Many times the glass is not as expensive as one would think. Good luck!

Just look for a glass and mirror place where you live - google or should get you something. think about beveling the edges - wouldn't want any nasty accidents with the kiddies!

oooh I'm jealous. Those mirrors are beautiful, I would love to have them in my house, hanging on some blue or green or pink or orange or chocolate brown or cream ribbon. Or a mix of all of the above. Ah no wonder my house looks like a rainbow gone wrong.

Hey Pink. You can get class cut at your local car window repair. Not a quick stop type place, but a full service type place.

Man, I wish there were flea markets around here. Or that I knew where such things were, if there in fact, are flea markets around here. Those are the lovliest mirrors!

As for the table, just call the local glass place. Like the place you would go to get window glass for your house repaired. They can ussually cut glass for all sorts of stuff.

I wouldnt reccommend going to the car glass place, because the glass used it not the same.

The car glass place is usually the window glass place too. At least in my town they are one and the same. I mentioned it as car glass place because most people have been to the car glass place. They should have the glass for you to purchase and be able to cut it as well. :)

I just go to Tucson Glass and mirror... Replace the Tucson with your town and I am sure they can help you there for sure. I hope at least! Yes, the mirrors with ribbons will be wonderful!!!!

don't quote me, but i'm pretty sure home depot will do it.

These mirrors are from Pottery Barn Teen. I think you can still find them there.

So pretty! A lovely find.

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