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March 04, 2007


I like the pink & red. The white looks kind of odd. I think it would look good in your entryway.

I think that looks super. Come and visit me anytime... I like the mix of colours, including the white.

definetely,donna dewberry do lovely flowers book, but i think she will be very impress with yours,absolutely stunning!

I was just saying at the other blog that I was looking for cherry blossom stencils yesterday! Free hand! Wow! It looks great! I like the idea of a bird. I can't see the white flowers well enough to comment. From this vantage it looks great!

And you said you couldn't draw or paint...
Those look fantastic.

Ohhhh nice. Good job!

Gorgeous! I think it looks lovely and quite professional. A new career, perhaps?

Pink dear, I think it looks great! I had no idea you were such a painter. I say go for it. Paint the whole foyer. Besides...if you don't like it in the end you can always wallpaper over it. I think this looks just gorgeous.

I can't believe your response. It's been my life's dream to be able to paint something so thank you so much for your encouagement. I wonder if husband will notice?

This looks awesome! I'd keep going and do the whole foyer for sure. It would be neat with a couple birds in there. Very original!


Big YES! Continue on with that, and I think you'll find you won't need wallpaper.

The red and pink are definetly my favs, but I don't think all is lost with the white. You could lightly go over them with some pale pink and have really pale pink flowers too, that would look great!

I'm glad you are keeping the wall color, because I think its LOVELY!

Love this way better than the wallpaper.

it's looking great! what fanaastic inspiration! (and cheaper wallpaper and more fun than just paint!) i actually like the mix of red and white flowers...

I should have known it was you behind the cherryblossem post,it had your signature all over!!That's why I loved it sooo much!
xoxo Desirée

I love it. Good job!!! I prefer painting over wallpaper.

casapinka: check your junk folder, i think it ate up a few of my emails!!!

Hey Pink - I'm impressed!!! Love it - all the colours too! I would just do that instead of wallpaper. Funner and cheaper. (P.S. Just posted pics of my bathroom renos on Flickr - have a peek, so you know why I haven't been commenting much lately)

Yes!!it could!!!!That would be so wonderful! Go for it1!!

beautiful! it's perfect just as it is!! way to go!

Looks great. Very talented Ms Pink!

fantastic! im not a fan of the white, either. the rest looks fabulous, i can't believe you did that freehand!

love the wall color - as well as the cherry blossoms. what was the pale blue paint color you used?

Susan, I saw the color in a mag and went and bought it - I'll try and find it for you. I didn't plan to use it under the cherry blossoms, it just sort of happened and I like how happy it is.

That wall is really lovely! I think the blue is the perfect blue as backdrop. Yes, do it. Keep it coming!

I think the cherry blossom mural in the entry looks fab! Have you continued it?

That's a Good news That you had started experimenting with paintbrushes and craft paint.And you have a bee in your bonnet about those cherry blossoms,Any ways.Your Sunday night boredom is attractive.

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