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March 28, 2007


Oooo Aaaaah Ohhhh. I love Kate Spade. Love. Her.
In a former abode, I hung a vintage lacy satin full-slip on a satin hanger on the wall as decor in my bedroom. It was just soooo lovely and champagne colored and ornate.

totally droolable.

Kiwi, that sounds wonderful. Why not hang it back up?

I might. Our bedroom is a blank slate right now. I can't decide if I want to do funky mod with circles and turquoise or hollywood glam in black and red. I have committment issues :)


I'm thinking you should go glam Kiwi :)

And Pink - those shoes are FAB - would look so friggin cute in a plexi display box as if they were too precious to have out (don't know, can you buy something like that?)

These are from Kate? Hmmmm.

Oh blessed pink hues !! thats fabulous!!! reminds me of the shoe I wore when I played Cinderella(I still wear them from time to time),I think my walk in closet is just one big unconventional art display!

The first pair of Manolos I ever bought have never made it out of the house, but they get pulled out and displayed every so often. The 4" inch heels and the hoochiness of them make me take them off before I walk out the door, but I love to admire them on my mantle.


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