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March 16, 2007


Sounds good but I would have them on the opposite wall as the mirrors (is there an opposite wall?). Is that what you meant? They are really pretty.

They are lovely!!!!
Would also love to know where they came from

Kim, yes across from the mirrors so they sort of reflect the paintings. Of course, I'm open to anything. Thanks, Chamara - I'm glad you like them.

Hi Pink,
I love interior renderings like this. Decorator Charlotte Moss collects them, and if you visit you can see she has had new renderings done for her soon to open store.

Sometimes when you find these they were done by an architect or designer to show a client what a prospective room could look like but sometimes, if you see a watercolor or oil painting for example, it's actually a "portrait" that a client had made to document a special room. The late decorator Mark Hampton was well-known for his illustrations of finished rooms, and the artist Jeremiah Goodman specialized in room portraits. (may not have his name spelled right.)

Anyway my only guess as to why the last example here went for more money was that the bidder recognized the artist or designer, or as you guessed, it just had more aesthetic appeal. Was the last one signed? Great find! Congrats.

Holy cow, thank you so much Courtney. I don't know if any of them has a signature. I will check them out when they come - they were all apparently done by the same artist. What an interesting potential hobby to have - collecting these renderings.

hi casapinka, i know from reading around and looking at books that someone did say that it was popular of that time to paint the interiors of the rooms for provenance as well as pride!! :) but i always love these ones as well, great buy! would be awesome to put these somewhere where one could just stand and peer at the details etc.

Great work with the paintings Pink! They're fabulous!

Great Ebay find!

Wow...I'm so jealous.

They are stunning! What a find for your casa!! lovely. They make you want to lounge in such glorious rooms, no?

I was watching these on ebay! I have a collection of these as well in the long hallway from my front door to my living room (but am out of wall space, hence my not bidding ). They generally sell for pretty cheap! I'm sure they'll look lovely in your home and am glad someone got them who can appreciate them! It's sort of nice to know where they're going -this is such a coincidence!!! Lots of times these were for clients or also done in design school. Congrats!!

Stefan, that is a huge coincidence! I know the feeling of liking something and wondering who in the whole world got it. I will definitely post these when they are framed and hung. I had no idea these were a known entity and I think they would make a fascinating collection to have.

I think I know someone who has a pink and white sofa like that.

hey pink! i remember how where i've heard that pictures like that are indeed for provenance of a real room: on the Antiques Roadshow on TV :) What a fantastic buy!

Antiques Roadshow? Cool. Ya never know, do you?

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