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March 05, 2007


looks AMAZING!

I love it. I'm all cherry blossom obsessed now. I have an idea for a painting that will have to wait until this weekend when I have more time.

*sigh* the luxury of owning your own home!!!

Would you like to come paint my house? That looks amazing.

You're HIRED!!!

(If you ever fancy taking up painting cherry blossoms for a living).

Oh my how many other secret skills do you have waiting for us to see?xoxo

You did it Pink - it looks so fantastic!! Maybe this decorative artist thing could be a new career for you? Would you travel to Aus for a commission at Black & Spiro - I would love you to do our hallway between the shop and the meeting rooms??

Wow! I just found your website from decor8 -- I'm going to link to you when I do my blog round-up this Friday :> !

You rock - what more can I say.


You're doing a great job there.

Nice going. Where do you find the time?

Good job! Looks great. Keep it up!

Oh, it's wonderful!

Fun as can be!! I love the bird addition idea. Hmm,coul the needle points go in the foyer? I think their the wrong color,but maybe I'm wrong.

excellent job!!! :)

Very cool Pink. And you know how I feel about birds. I love the happy feel which is what you want when people first come into your home. And btw I am in awe of your energy. k


brilliant. good on ya!

So beautiful!!!

it is a beautiful thing to see someone discover the artist within.

How, oh how, are you so courageous?

I love cherry blossoms ... your wall is beautiful... quite funny b/c i'm planning to go to the nursery to buy a cherry blossom tree for our backyard :) awesome work!

well you have been a busy bee , looks amazing.....:)

Pink you have amazing reserves of energy! But then I guess that's how you got through med school. What a lovely job you did here :)

This is fabulous! I love it and think it could make a fabulous print for cards too.

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