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March 06, 2007


I must say... sometimes it's easier to give him to something he loves... and perhaps finding him a spot to put his passions... like his den. or on his bedside table... hehehe

(have you checked your email/junk folder?)

What an amazing find!I hope your hubby enjoyes it,because I certainly do!!!!xoxo desirée

Tell hubby to rest assured - they sell them at the NY Public Library's "Library Shop":
I love the librarian action figure too ;) they're such fun!

Hilarious! I love these offbeat "action figures".

If you get Wilde, you'll have to get the Poe figure to go with. Otherwise, Oscar might start 'getting earnest' with Bob the Builder and Tinky Winky.

Ooohhhhh my.. Hee heee.....I know he is harmless, but I was thinking...Maybe we shouldn't take his pilow choices seriously after all? I mean, if this is what he wants to decorate the mantle with??? I know, it is in good fun!!! Ireland?? YAY!!!

Hi Pink, this is so funny. Your house is becomming so beautiful. I love your cherry blossom wall. I also, painted my Mom's bath once and it's a lot of work.

Tell husband I thought it was Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. Oscar would turn in his grave.

These really are too much fun. I have the Leonardo da Vinci one on my art table (along with a Snoopy-as-artist figure) and it cheers me up no end. Go on... make him happy. *g*

You guys aren't supposed to be encouraging him!!! I just checked and Oscar is the ONLY ACTION FIGURE left in the whole entire world so he won't be getting the collection. No more Poe, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Stalin, or Mao. Nope, apparently that ship sailed a few weeks ago when someone in Oman bought them all up. 'KAY?!?!?!?!

PHEW!!!!! Aren't you lucky! ;)

that's.. uuum... an interesting decorating touch? Ditto Vanessa on the 'of sound mind' implications for the pillow cushion tug of war. Heh.

LOL, k

Silly hubbby !!! Everyone knows your Dorian Gray portrait goes in the attic!!!!

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