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March 14, 2007


LOVE it! Looks great there. Good stuff!

Looks awesome. Great work. Can't wait to revamp ours now. Hubby is not so sure yet.

How cool is that :-) Great stuff.

This is gorgeous! Looks great with the pink.

Hanging art is not hard. Here's the trick. Pick a spot on your piece that you consider the middle. The middle of any piece, no matter how small should be hung 57" from the floor(57 inches - not 5 foot 7 inches - sorry but this is confusing to some). Art should always be at eye level, you don't want people craning their necks to look at it.

What did you decide to put under the glass on your table? You have kind of a decoupage (sp?) motif goig on. Totally cool.

i THINK I have one that will become mine soon, but I'm not sure. If i get it I'll defently pimp it (it's brown now) and join the flickr group! :-)

Peggy, I did read that about the height (and so Frida/Salma is at the right height) but it's the GROUPING of the art that I can't imagine myself getting right. Maybe I'll post what I have and the potential spaces for it.

Beautiful!! I love it there - it looks fabulous with the pink!

It is so funny that you talk about hanging art because I did a post this morning about hanging art and the entire time I was thinking about YOU! Ha! You'll see why when you visit. :) lol

I love the cabinet! And hanging art isn't hard, you just make it look good to you. I'm shorter and my husband is tall, so I try to hang things at several levels, so there is something at eye level for everyone. Plus, it creates interest. If a piece is bigger (I have several that are 3 and 4 foot square) you can hang them higher, because they take up more space. Odd groups are better than even. Um... and just make it pretty to you! It's your house!

It looks amazing! Thanks to you I am on the hunt for 2 low ones I can use as bedside tables in my bedroom (I have a decent of space there) and want to pimp them out so much that you wouldn't even notice they're file cabinets (well, they won't be used for files in the bdrm that's fo' sho'). Will then be able to take part in Flickr group.

I totally love it!!!!!!

Looks fabulous!! I love butterflies!
I just did a post the other day on Cole & Son and Suzanne Dimma wrapped a filing cabinet in the Woods pattern. A great way to cover up that mundane piece...
I like the Flickr idea... would love to see other creations!

I've just blogged about this on 'mirrormirror'. Hope OK.

I admire your restraint in not putting any color on it! Looks great.

that looks fantastic! can't wait for the tutorial!

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