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March 03, 2007


They are stunning...great colours...must you frame it????

Yay for needlepoint! I don't really have much specific to say, advice-wise...perhaps if you frame it you should do so that it's floating on the mat - the border is so striking that it shouldn't be covered up. I would imagine a darker wood frame with these pieces, because of the earthy tones in the room, as well as that gorgeous mossy green.

I agree with Blythe. Do a floating mount so that you can see the beautiful border. Personally, I would do a goldy frame (not cheap gold, but you know what I mean) or something that would be interesting, but not fight with the beautiful needlepoint. And, if you mount them within a larger-sized frame, then you could hang both of them, and not have to hang anything else with them.

those are great! i love your blog!

i think that if you frame them you definitely don't want them behind glass. personally i don't think i would frame them but i'm not a big fan of frames when you don't need them so you don't have to listen to me!
i like the wedding portrait contrast idea but maybe hang those pictures somewhere else in the room so it's not too obvious.
as for hanging them, i like groups of things in odd numbers. maybe there is one other little thing (or three) that would look nice with these like a collection of little bamboo framed mirrors or something.

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