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February 27, 2007


what a unique pattern to customize your new table... loving the black and white!

I know a good song. Can I have the table?! :D

I think the fabric is a good idea too, but I'm not one for talking. I have absolutely no qualms about painting over wood.

I like the idea of just laying it down and not pasting it. I had a similar idea for my desk in my bed room. My eldest brother is a carpenter and was going to build me a custom desk and have his "glass guy" cut me a piece to lay over the top. The best part was that I could work my magic under the glass. My thought was, being the picture fiend that I am, I'd put pictures and those little fortune cookie fortunes under the glass and maybe some cool paper to accent the room colors. Unfortunately, I didn't get my desk, but I'm enjoying the antique one I have now.

I love the b/w fabric. I'm kind of a wood-purist, too...a druid, if you will, when it comes to good wood. Crappy partical board, veneer, mdf stuff - go crazy - but good solid wood is a thing of beauty. Wood good.

ooooo, you could put some of those Gorge-ous window clings on the glass top (on the underneath) and then you could change it at whim.

Oh don't tell them about Ghost Furniture then.

I kinda like that wood - the colours are really pretty. But love the fabric/wallpaper/glass idea. I just might try that on my desk/floating shelf thingy. Oh, and that fabric is GORG!!!!

Lovely idea....have the same male reaction back at my place...

If you just lay fabric or paper down, you can change it out on a whim- or seasonally. A glass top is such a great idea. My sewing machine has made a few marks on my table. What a great find.

Brilliant idea from Anna!!!

I am not a purist so have no problem painting anything and everything white, but that is my preference and I have no male to please (wish I did). Hmmm.

Anyway, how about putting vintage postcards on the desk with the glass over it? You can find really cute ones in most antique shops. Or you can go with a theme, like all postcards of Buddha. Anyway, at least with the glass idea you can change the table on a whim.

I suggest you use this as your desk, with the glass over it, with that marvelous chair you bought. Believe me, that other desk is adorable but way too small.

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