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February 06, 2007


Now that's funny. I'm now thinking it is a must that you have a bull horn in your room as well.

Miles is one of my very favorites!

You've got the Hemingway room. Have you ever thought about doing a Miles Redd room/shrine?

ya know, his woodenesque bust is dangerously close the the basket of firewood. I'm just sayin'...

Hi Pink,
Speaking of "red," the other day you asked about a red print Roman or roller shade that you saw in a recent shelter magazine. I replied back but don't know if you saw it. Are you thinking of that raspberry sort of chinoiserie toile in the Ruthie Sommers design for Woodycrest House as seen in the current Domino? That's Lyford from Quadrille. But you said red fabric right?

That pink is absolutely gorgeous and perfect.

he does have the intials "LB" on the third shelf from the bottom on the left. That must stand for legally blonde.

Style Court - That might be it. I'll go check (everything is in such chaos so hopefully I can find it. Thanks for the response.) Everyone else, you're thinking along the right lines when you say "shrine" and perhaps I shall add Mr. Redd to it. Pennyt, I like the way you think. It must definitely stand for that. KiWi, you're cruisin' (as my dad used to say.) A bull horn, huh? I'm not going there!

The horn on the :) The horn from a bull. In the photo above. roflol...not a bullhorn...ever. lol

Frida and busts - my, what interesting taste you have ;)

i love the bust and i love the colour of the walls!

Kim, it's better than Frida's bust, isn't it? Now THAT would be warped.

I don't think the bust is all that bad.But she reminds me of Queen Beatrix,(that is the queen of Holland!)I liked the busts you posted earlier more though.
xoxo Desirée

What an amazing website you've got here. Thanks heaps for visiting mine - I cannot wait to read though this - goodbye work for the day!

From ShoestringGirl - 10,000 miles away.

Love it . The hollow eyes are particularly freaky. Hunt one down. You definitely need it.

A frida bust - the nightmares will never end!

Miles can do no wrong. And I say that not only because he's my future ex-husband but because he's an incredibly gifted designer with quite a flare for colour!

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