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February 11, 2007


Nup mam you ain't never gonna find something as sturdy..... must weigh a ton. It's great and that's an amazing price for a custom piece. Can the guys come down to Australia to knock something up for me?

I love it Pink!My Goodness you are so organized and you think everything through! I wish I had a itsy bitsy of that,The pink room is my favorite.I would sit in it all the time!Have a great monday!xoxo Desirée

I always wanted an expedit - and yours looks amazing and such a great price for custom! Think of all the crap you'll be able to store in it. After the guys have visited Jo, maybe they'll come to Canada and whip me up a new basement and kitchen! ;)

Pink- Good job! That looks great!

Your bookshelves look great. I love a bargain, too. I can't understand why Pottery Barn is so expensive. A place with "Barn" in its name should have bargain prices. But that's just me. I love IKEA, too. I still have some pieces I bought back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. So I guess it depends on what you're buying there.

Jennifer, you'll never hear me disrespect Ikea. It was purely the idea of the bookcase breaking when I move it. Knowing that it prob. will be moved, and that I hopefully have a long life ahead of me, I wanted something I could keep forever. I can see me, 87 years old with my knitting, going to my bookshelf (now painted black and lavender) for my trifocals. Thanks to everyone else for your sweet comments. It makes me feel proud of my new bookcase!

It looks great. My neighbor works with wood and built me the west elm geometric block bookcase last year. I'll take a picture for you and share. Nothing like having something custom built! Great job pink.

I spent all day Friday looking for the perfect bookshelf. I have tons of books and didn't know what to do. Because Ikea is two hours away and all of the furniture stores have a long wait...I ended up at an office supply store. Office Depot and got a workable, decent bookcase, Office max had a terrible selection. Target had a few nice ones too...But, since I might change my mind in a few months, it needed to be economical. It was $110. I put it together in 2 hours and voila. It is a faux antique white, and has an acceptable design. Good luck in your search. I am so glad I found my way here.

oh wow. this is a blog entry up my sleeve! thanks for the tips about the Expedit bookcase. I also need something that can be a room divider and plenty of storage. so now I know it's not the sturdiest of objects.

yes i also commiserate about the Pottery Barn prices. i WISH THEY WERE IN AUSTRALIA too!

yes please, send down your handymen to Australia!

Wow what a fab idea about wallpapering the back! Love that. Which wallpaper? Something glammy I hope.

awseome bookcase. Are you sure you can move it? It must weigh a ton:)

I'm chartruese with envy.

I have the expedit in the huge size. I have to say I love it. It's perfectly sturdy even moving it around, but it hasn't left the house since it was put together. The only issue with putting it together (and yes I had to unbuild and re-build) is that the holes for the interior shelves were painted over, so I didn't notice I had the sides reversed. Beyond that... lovely.

Having said all of that, I'd certainly RATHER have a custom made version in real wood.

Hey, you SHOULD be pleased! Great idea to have your own constructed. Your bookcase looks great! I have the West Elm white version and it's the best piece I ever bought! I lucked out at the Pottery Barn outlet 2 years ago and got it for only $120!! Holds all my books, art supplies, etc. P.S. I love the banner on your blog! Those dolls are winsome! Glad to discover your blog....

That is a fantastic solution. I'm often frustrated by the price of bookcases -- as craftsmanship goes, they're not all that hard to put together for a carpenter, so why the priciness?
Good work.

I have the expedit in my study and I love it! Yes it was a pain to put togehter but have had no problems whatsoever since. So good to store and display all your favourite things. I am going to buy the smaller versions for my daughters rooms too.

Hey, this is pretty good stuff! Although this is my first visit here, I find your blog and your posts very insightful. Nice photos too. Keep up the good work.

Deirdre G

I just thought I'd take a moment to say thank you for the informative post!

I gotta say, I do adore my cabinets. I'm not certain what I would do without them (probably go crazy because I'm a small OCD). I needed to ditch a number of my beloved cabinets when I moved earlier this year but I really did not have room for all of them. Thankfully, even although my new place is smaller I nevertheless had room for plenty to keep me organized. They truly are so convenient, I can easily keep all of my clutter organized and contained to ensure that it doesn't take more than my house! I love being able to reclaim my floorspace from all of the clutter. The greatest part is I can tuck them aside out of sight but still get to them easily when I need them.

Towards the author, I just thought I would take a moment to thank you for the fantastic post! Thank you!

I've usually been a huge fan of metal storage containers. I reside in a tiny apartment so free of charge room is at a premium. That means I need to use each and every inch as efficiently as feasible. All of our closets have numerous various storage containers in them, which has worked out truly nicely. The greatest part is that they're totally out of sight until we need whats in them. You will find tons of them in our garage as well for all of the misc clutter that garages tend to have. We pretty much couldn't reside without having them unless we moved to a bigger place!

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