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February 01, 2007


Verrrrry pretty, gals! Looks like a nice warm colour.

it's lovely and that amy ruppel is perfect in the window!

Love it!

beautiful colour!! and i also love the little painting on the window.
{i am not able to see the middle pic}.
again, thank you for visiting! looking forward to seeing how this wonderful project develops.

Pink is always good with us! Rosies favorite color. I love it for walls. I have a pink and aqua room at my house and enjoy it so much.

I'm liking it Pink and Anna. Bravo. Brave and beautiful. k

I loooove it too! It's magic, but then again I'm a dork for pink. :-)

It turned out great!

I gasped at how lovely the pink looks. It's like cake frosting. Your studio is a giant cupcake.

Thanks, folks. Some have you have conscientiously not commented. Please understand that saying you don't like it is ok, too. Spices things up. There are plenty of rooms that we are going to be doing so don't be too put off by the pink room! I used to SCORN pink rooms. In fact, I refused to have pink or pastels in my daughter's nursery! I'm openminded, however, and just damned well feel like living in a giant cupcake. Right.

Well, I did grow up in a pink bedroom and eventually had to paint it white before the sickening pepto-colored walls (and curtains, bedspread and frikkin CARPET!) caused me to go on a three state killing spree.
But that was also when I was a young gothette...I've mellowed.

I love the pink!It looks great,Colours have a great influence on moods and I think this room will brighten anyone's day no matter what that day might have been like before entering that pretty space!

love the pink ... and the awesome desk! can't wait until it's all done.

my studio is all pink too! but it is a fleshy pink. i love it. i would paint everything that color if i could....i couldn't find any good ones that you can see, and my desk never has looked like this again (ha!)

That room is gorgeous, I love that shade of pink!

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