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February 28, 2007


Loving the transfer teapot. The golden ox is great but not as well "developed" as Eric's bovine beauty.

That teapot is enchanting (using my thesaurus today). And what WERE you thinking? A teapot is a vessel for carrying plant leaves and water which is SOOOOO different from a vase which carries plant leaves and water.

HAHA. MCJ, I think Eric's just trying to prove something (see the link to gold digger) whereas I am perfectly secure in my bullhood. Eric, are you reading this??? : )

So, I'm still laughing at kiwi's comment, but I love the teapot. It's gorgeous. Sometimes, I think you just need to do these things without consulting the hubby first. Chances are, he won't notice anyway and if he does, he won't take the time to care. At least that's the way it is with my hubby!

Just tell him Di Overton uses a vintage coffee pot for a vase. Will that help or will he just say - so what!

whatever, dude, you wish your bull had my bull's skillz. and trust me, if i found an animal figurine with a huge vagina, i'd probably display it, too.

but seriously, we both have gold bulls! psychic connection, i say. huzzah.

You guys crack me up I LOVE when you leave me feedback - especially when I'm in the middle of a mad-busy week. Eric, my bull could kick your bull's ARSE. D - I could give it a try (that whole English/Irish thing could get a bit sticky...maybe if I tell him that you only drink Barry's tea!)

Your hubby is hilarious! With his wonderful decorating do's and dont's. He should right a book, the men's decorating do's and dont's.. hee hee...Love the bull and the teapot!

First Frida, now bulls?!?!?!

Saw a mirror today that made me think of you Pink. Perfect for the Hemingway room. AND it was only $125. Too bad I live waaaaay up here.

Got my Wednesday giggles in! Thanks (:
And 10 bucks... score!

oh that teapot is wonderful.

Love both pieces Pink!

Love the teapot. Love that hubby loves it too. Love the creative tension between the two of you!


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