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February 07, 2007


Very lovely! I am dreaming about mirrors these days in Marrakesh, in all shapes and forms.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

yep, gorgeous!!!!

What a great find! You've just got to love Ebay!

I love Gumps :-) glad you snagged this, good eye!

oooooo, that is tres Hemingway. It's like some wonderful thing that Papa would have brought back from elephant hunting.

Excellent selection. Gotta love e-bay.

Pink- good job! Love it! I want one too!

i have two of those in my master bathroom. no way!!

Thanks for inspiring me to look at my flat again and have a rethink.

very nice. wanna come do my unfinished room?

I'm sure you know by now that gumps is a standard on kstyle. Grew up in that store and pretty sure responsible for my if I like it it must be the most expensive thing in the store problem. Looove the mirror almost as much as I love ebay. k

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