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February 22, 2007


How clever, it looks as though it was made for the desk

I like the chair a lot, Pink. I've always liked how pink and white complement each other, it must be because white is a part of pink.. I dunno, I'm rambling, but I like the chair.

Pink that chair is wonderful as are the chosen pillows. The desk and wall colors are beautiful as well. That said, the chair is too large for the desk. The only solution is that now you must buy a parsons desk at west elm for the chair.

Don't get rid of the desk. Take advantage of its dimunitive size. Perhaps this piece should just become decorative - say to hold your collection of busts and a pretty lamp.

Oops - hope I didn't make Mr. Pink unhappy suggesting you need to buy something else in addition to the new sofa I am sure you have already ordered. Hmm. Maybe the fridas and nancy drew actually belong in this room.

I love the chair, and I don't really think it matters that it doesn't slide under the desk. Gorgeous pillow, too! What a nice friend!

Love this chair and the desk too!

velly, velly nice!

God save the Queen('s pillows)! They have a kind of moroccan flair. I'd have thought the Queen would be more Cath Kidston.

I've liked this West Elm chair for a long time. Great choice!

Thanks to all of you. I really love it as well and it seems to still fit perfectly when I sit at the desk. Now, something I must discuss with Anna is this whole Feng Shuei thing because my back is to the door when I sit at the desk. Isn't that bad, or is it ok as long as I plaster 3 koi fish in a chi corner? I REALLY want a white flokati in here but not sure how it would look, another one for Anna (and you guys too because you are immensely helpful and fun!) Wait 'til you see the flea market booty I got today for the Hem room - can't wait to show you all.

Yes.. they llok like lovers... the pink and the white... They do seem to have been made for eachother!!! Fantastic for sure!

IMHO I think you need to get the armless one for the desk and have the arm one for an accent chair. If one is good, two would be better. No?

Lovely...mad about the cushion!!!!

I like Jane's idea: keep the armchair as an accent/visitor chair and get an armless chair to go with the desk. I love the pink and white (of course!), and I love the lines of the desk and the chair together, but the arms make it look out of scale.

And I like the flokati idea!

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