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January 31, 2007


those prints are fabulous! where is nancy drew going?

Love the prints. I think they all have unifying elements. I see them matted with thin black frames to make the content stand out. They remind me of some of the decoupage plates at John Derian in NYC.

Fairfax, I thought the same thing about the Derian plates when I saw them. Nancy Drew doesn't have a home yet, Amy. Somewhere conducive to my sleuth fantasy, no doubt. Studio?

I agree with Fairfax, or I'd go with white frames with white mats - love that.

I think the green, the blue and the pink look like a set, but I'm not quite sure about the one with the black background. As to frames, it's hard to tell. Depends on what sort of furniture and look the rest of the room has. I know it's a Hemingway theme, but I think I'd wait to mat and frame until I had everything else put together. Much easier to make artwork match the room than the room match the artwork. :)

I came across Lewis and Wood wallpapers/fabric at this url - a fine dignified yet eccentric look for a Hemingway room.

oops, maybe i need to add the url again...

I love prints. As for frames, I like a frame that lets the picture do all the talking, plain white, or limed white. But ask 100 people, get 100 different suggestions!

dang! you are lucky to have found those. there's also a website (somewhere, i could find it if need be) that has super hi-res versions of his stuff that you can download. amazing. it would be cool to print them on something else (fabric? tyvek?) and use them for projects.

oops, sorry, too much HGTV... :)

I think you could work the painting of the girl's face (the one you posted on the mantel.) with these! They would love wonderful together!! Black oversized frames with solid colored
mats, her lipstick and the pink one! Call me crazy, but I think these are leading you to a different look!

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