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January 29, 2007


Go for it!

Go with the lighter one if you're unsure. Once you get some other colors in there as accents you won't notice it as much & you won't think "pepto bismol" every time you go in. IMO

Darker - so pretty. If you did a bunch of black/white accents it would be FAB-U-LOUS and so glam!!! Now you've given me a great idea for my bathroom.

Have faith my dear it will look fabulous

I think it will look great- take the pink plunge!!!!

My vote is for the light... My sister painted one of her daughters' rooms in a lovely pink, but when you were in the room, you felt like you were in a Pepto bottle. Ish!

Wow, we've had to Pepto references so far. Some say dark, some say light. What's a girl to do? I really do appreciate all of your comments, however. Please keep them coming.

i like the light. it's beautiful.

I would actually go for much darker like a deep pink. I think that would make it look glam rather than girly. I am thinking India...

Or what about painting the room red a la trina turk coat?

OK - this is really old, I've just discovered this blog - but the Selma/Frida portrait would look devine hung above the desk in your study. I really love this idea. I'm readin this blog from backwards to forward so perhaps there's a pix of the finished Hemingway room with the Selma/Frida already hung - but I love my idea anyway.
Joni Webb

Beautiful desk!

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