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January 28, 2007


Hi Pink,

I think it will really work in the Hem Room. I think it's a conversation piece and also a piece which will create a real sense of excitement in that room. I love it!! Great finding!


I'm just loving this style - I feel quite out of my depths here but I just love this craziness and gorgeousness that's evolving!

I keep thinking Hemingway and Cuba with cigars, rum and Castro. But it's Hemingway and the Spanish Civil War. Bring those matador heads back. It's Hemingway, tapas and siesta.

Wow, look at that Pink - the 3 comments above all all from Brisbanites - how wonderful!!! I love that from the millions and trillions of people out there that we 3 in Brisbane have just commented on this post!!

Frida TOTALLY gives me the creeps - I could never have a pic of her hanging in my house. The portait you posted is going to give me nightmares. Am I the only one who feels that way about poor Frida???

Kim, email me your address because I have prezzie to send to you (hee hee hee.) Hint: It involves a monobrow.

this is a bit more Selma than Frida, but it will fit in your room very nicely I think.

I'm agreeing...I'm seeing much more Selma Hayek than Frida here. Maybe it was a promo for the movie? Great movie though.

I see Selma too! BTW love the painting, it's a fun conversation piece!!

Agreed... more Selma then Frieda, but I'd rather have Selma looking at me from under her unibrow. It's a fun painting and worth every bit of the $10.

Oh my goodness, I hadn't picked up on the Selma thing. Well, Selma is gorgeous so at least it's not like you're saying she looks like Jack NIcholson. Thanks for your fun comments - I've been laughing and laughing! I think we all need to email Kiminottowa the most creepy Frida pics we can find so she knows we appreciate her!

Wowza, Pinky. Can't wait to come over:-)

NO ONE SEND ME CREEPY FRIDA/SELMA PICS!!!!!!!! You can all appreciate me by visiting me and Jo's new blog instead - would be less painful for me!!

Pink darling,
The pink desk and wall are just too too fabulous. That is not a Frida self-portrait. That is Selma Heyuck (hope I spelled that right) in the movie Frida. Having said that, it is wonderful. I think it and the one you got from your contractors would look great in the room.

Sorry - one more comment. Frida was a communist, maybe you should juxtapose her with other iconographic communist revolutionaries like Che Guevara (who wrote believe it or not extensively about love). Or maybe the fascinating intellectuals Frida met like Tolstoy. I know a lot about Frida, but not a lot about Hemmingway, am I in the wrong direction? My impression is that if it is a Hemmingway room is should be a romantic room with a twinge of brooding.

You definately need a Che Guevara wooden cigar box.

Peggy, I just LOVE your idea. Maybe a "Frida's Friends" wall. If anyone has any potential friends for the wall, send me a link. Talk about a conversation piece! And you're spot on about the Hem room. I'm not sure I can look at Diego too much, though. Maybe I'll keep him off the wall. Would it be in bad taste to hang a pop art bus?

it looks like frida in the movie! i love frida. the painting is fantastic! how have i never seen your blog before?

Love Frida,love Selma,CRAZY for the painting! Frida was (is) one of my dark heroines,I even played her in a new musical based on her life,"La Casa Azul".Your comments are just as much fun to read as your post!!

wow...that is quite a room...I love the Hemmingway truly is amazing!

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