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August 26, 2013


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Funky grandfather clock! My husband wants one too! But one of the old ones, no batteries or electric powered :)

Your place is looking so perfectly-you :) xxxox

How is it that your trials make me laugh out loud? -I just love junior's statement that "if its an emergency i should just go naked." still grinning. That is totally my new motto!!!! I am so glad it all went well and congratulations on not having to carve open the walls. I am going to make you a key for my house!!! Gee-I almost forgot to say how very cute the clock is, I love it!

very funny... beautiful, beautiful wedding photo

Hi there, remember me? Sat next to you on the plane back from Lapland last Christmas! Love your blog & was inspired to comment as I too have looked at this Ikea clock for many a moment online but was puzzled by something. Perhaps you can answer a question for me....I've got plug sockets on the wall where I want to put my clock. Is the sticker solid and if so, do you think I could cut out a section without it looking crap! (It would be at the bottom middle so perhaps the detail in the box at the bottom). Hope you and the tribe are well. xx

Rachel - hello! Yes, you could easily use a scalpel and cut out a square for the electric socket. It comes in 4 pieces and the bottom middle is very conducive to doing this. Send me a pic when you do. I will NEVER forget that plane ride - OMG! : )

Once done but NEVER AGAIN!!!! My Dad has been given instructions to get my the clock from Ikea near him (our local one isn't so local at all) so looking forward to receiving it soon. Pic will follow. Hope you guys are all well. xx

I love it!

What a cool grandfather clock, and home.

Yikes! Glad you all survived the stove.

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