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July 29, 2013


Wow! I love all the color work in these cowls. They look really warm (which was unfortunate for your photoshoot) and squishy! Love how economical the yarns that you used are, too. Thank you for a chance to win an ebook for this wonderful creation!

Not that I would ever need these cowls in the Texas heat, but I'd turn my a/c WAY down and make my house frigid just to have an excuse to wear them! Or maybe if I knitted up a few of these I would just be forced to take a vacation to somewhere cold! I'm thinking one of these would look way cuter on the slopes than my old black Marmot neck warmer! ADORABLE!

These are lovely! I've never knit fair isle before. I might have to give these a try.

Love the colors you chose for these!
BTW, Is the tan-blue-yellow one double-knitted?

Now what a great kind thing to do give away a new book. The cowls are beautiful and I would so love to knit one up from my stash of yarn.

I have too much yarn and too many patterns, said no knitter ever! Ok, so not very original, but takes me awhile to warm up my humor. Hmm, maybe it needs a cowl? ;) Lovely designs!

So timely for me to learn fair isle! Beautiful colors.

Ok, Here is a funny story. I had my sock project bag on my couch. I went to bed and was woken up later by my kitty playing with something on my bed. It was the ball of yarn from my project bag! I followed the trail of yarn through 2 rooms and up the stairs and there were the needles wrapped around a table leg! He didn't do too much damage and it was quite funny afterwards. I love your cowls and would love to win your ebook. Thanks!

15,000 skeins of yarn on a bed...I'm cowled. Overcowlmed? Cowled over!

Celia, it's not doubleknitted, althought the squishiness and thickness from having 3 colors makes it feel like it is and the reverse stranding has a neat look of it's own.

Hey Pink,
So cute! You have been busy this summer. Thanks for the chance. :)

Your cowls are so pretty and the colour combinations are fab. Perfect for a Dorset winter!

Although we have a very warm summer here in Austria, all I can think of is your cowl pattern :)
I would be very happy if I'd win it, because winter is coming for sure.

Color combos are great! Something to make with all of my malibrigo leftovers!

Your work is so inspiring and I love your colours! It is winter in Australia so I look forward to getting to work on one of your beautiful designs then putting the cowl to good use!

15,000 skeins on the bed!! I sure hope that's an exaggeration! :)

Thank You so much for the giveaway! I love the look of colorwork and I love it more with every project I do!

I've never done colorwork before, these look like a fun way to start!

Hmm... you asked for funny...

What did the green grape say to the purple grape?

"Breathe man, BREATHE!"

That comes courtesy of the 13-year-olds that I work with... and I'd love to have a beautiful cowl pattern to relax with in the evening as school starts again in just a few weeks!

Ooo, I really like these! I'm really just learning fair isle, and a lovely cowl like any of the ones above are totally non-intimidating and lovely to learn with.

Hm, that's odd. I tried to comment the other day but I don't think it posted. I would really love to learn fair isle. Your patterns (and color combos) are very pretty!

'Til the cowls come home,

I have never done any Fair Isle before so this would be a wonderful opportunity to try. I really like the colors you chose.
And cowls of all kinds are always a hit here in Canada where winter can startas early as end of October and last till April.

Love, love, love these cowl patterns! Your color combos are just fabulous!

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