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June 07, 2013


Congratulations on the book...looking forward to it!

Thrilling news!!! I was smitten by the beautiful photo, as usual. -and thought, oh that looks like my gorgeous blanket scarf. And then discovered all the good news. I don't even knit but I cannot wait for the book. and more designs for the next.

Congratulations! Yippee a whole book of your gorgeous photographs and designs...I am not a knitter but I will be buying the book. It seems like your husband has surrendered to your happy bright taste. A wise man. Casapinka is a happening place these days , huh? I was sure you would paint your risers one of your favorite "colorways" ( a term learned here on Casapinka!) A different color for every riser or pink ombre like that cake you posted... I send you big bright good wishes. .

I want to learn to knit, someday! How exciting that you have a book coming out!

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