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November 06, 2012


You are absolutely right about the Martha green. My SIL told my husband that she was going to knit a scarf for me and asked what color she should use. I almost passed out cold when I heard that he told her "beige". Beige?! Do I own one single thing that is beige? No sir! Hot pink or aqua for me, baby! She kindly started over on the scarf and I am the proud owner of a gorgeous fuschia scarf. Tragedy averted.

There can never be to much pink, I adore what you are doing and thank you for sharing.

There are too many MS color lovers out there. That was then, this is now. COLOR!

What's the linen stitch going to be when it grows up?

lol - i love it anyhow :D
love the wallpaper i say go for it but, well, i dont have to live with the consequences and i have let my integrity fly out the window with the most boring comromise with husband colors in my house ;P glad jr is better
hop jrette's fever doesnt last as long

I check every day and still the tantalizing ice white and pastel mystery project has not appeared.
:[ Glad Juniorette has your back.

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