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July 09, 2012


I'm not a wallpaper person, so I will leave that to others to chime in on. But I feel like the space in front of the fireplace needs a Telephone chair, something like this: or

no question in my mind I vote for Madame Butterfly, makes me smile it is so happy and beautiful. I love it. Now the black and white is nice but I think the light paper for a dark place is just perfect. Also it is PINK

Oh I love that Madame Butterfly floral! But I suppose if you have a pink fireplace and banister then the black and white would do :) Can't wait to see what you pick!

I understand how you might crave the fun lacquering possibilities that you would have if you chose the Florimund wallpaper, but I'm very drawn to the Madame Butterfly in Peony. Perhaps it's because it's been so unbearably hot and stuffy here lately, but that wallpaper looks so beautifully light and airy and I'd love being greeted by an entryway that looked like that.

The Madame Butterfly is happy. In the long lightless Eastern winters I would find joy in its colors and motifs.

The black and white, while charming, has a little bit of a commercial vibe. I could see it in a hair salon or department store.

I agree that Madame Butterfly would be really pretty, especially if you painted the balustrade and fireplace surround white. However, I think I lean toward the Florimund because of its elegance as well as its achromatic color scheme that will allow you to change accessories according to the seasons or your whims. Although what doesn't go with pink?!

Oh! I love them both but that Madame Butterfly paper is just so spring-like and full of life! I think it would be magnificent on a dreary winter's would feel like you had just walked into a spring garden! And you could paint all the wood accents with the pinks and blues from the paper.

omg that madame butterfly is gorgeous! so fun so pink so lovely and will brighten up the foyer quite nicely

For what it is worth the Madame Butterfly really seems like you. It sort of has this uplifting windy feel to it. Beautiful chandelier, a mirror, and your shiny white woodwork. Just so happy. How did you manage to find it among all the wallpaper out there? If I give you cresit, may I frame panels of it for the nursery???

Love them both...butterfly the best but I'm thinking about times like Christmas...would the black be more fun then?

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