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June 13, 2012


wtg girls! what vision your dd has and great collaboration mom!

That is a wonderful dress. Love the additions: the yellow border, the checkerboard skirt, and the little teal bow. Let's hope the small person doesn't grow too much bigger before school starts next fall and the days are cooler again.

Oh, and she does already have all the model moves down, doesn't she?! Totally love the pictures. Thank you both so much for sharing them with us.

Wow, wow and another wow! Please adopt me. I love my mother to bits but she has never ever knit me a dress. (Probably a good thing)
I bet she is already designing the next one. ;)

what a doll! she looks just like you and the dress is terrific!

Well done!

Thanks so much, everyone - you're very sweet.

This is fantastic! And she looks SO much like you (I'm sure you get that all the time... I get it with mine too) You are both gorgeous, and this dress is so great. So so great! I'll be sending my crayon drawing over soon :)

BE STILL my beating heart!!!! You are amazing! wonderful that you could make manifest her vision and, The picture of her on her bike in the dress,-gorgeous in so many ways.

that is so cool!!! What a visionary! Love the color blocking for kids ; )

So cute !!!!

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