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February 13, 2012


I like "Better off Ted" but it is kind of goofy.

Burn Notice and Arrested Development are my go to's. I actually might have my very first celebrity crush on Jeffrey Donovan/Michael Weston. I'd take either of them. I couldn't get into Mad Men (loved the costumes, hated the characters and the story) and Downton Abbey is still on the fence. Or falling off the fence. Same problem as MM, nice costumes and scenery, very not lovely people. Happy Knitting! Or painting, you know, whichever happens to come out in pretty pink stripes ;)

lol! cute pics - good thing you're reasonable and all ;)
my dh AND kids are away (i'm home on puppy duty - check this out ;D

so anyhow, i'm "fly lady"ing around the house, knitting and rewatching the Harry Potter movies all the way through and just enjoying myself
enjoy your time sans DH
lol about the kids in the tv cupboard hahahaha!

oh my pic didnt come through on last post :(
here's a link i hope

I would very much like to see what you'd do with your stairs and wardrobe! I love these pretty colors.

Hey Marie - Goofy is good. Husband loves the Irish show "Father Ted." Goofy doesn't begin to describe it.

And Pinksuedshoe- I agree about Michael Weston. I think that's why I watch it, haha!

Try Breaking Bad. It is fantastic!
That's so funny about the kids in the tv cupboard:D!!

Gotta big ol' list for you Pinka:
New Waterford Girl (I personally guarantee you will love this film!),
In Plain Sight,
George Gently,
Doc Martin (and I'd like the doctor opinion if do watch),
Kingdom (kind of funny and excellent East Anglia landscape),
and (my all time fave) The Last Detective.
PS you can also torture yourself with every episode of All Creatures...excellent for mindless repetition.
Heather in AZ

Oh...and Blue Murder.
I do lurve a northern accent Pet.

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