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February 23, 2012


I love all those colorful patterns! Also the squirrel pants.

Gorgeous patterns. I have that book - signed no less! I'm now craving a glitzy phone cover;)

All of the patterns and colors are fabulous.

What is wrong with squirrel pants? I think they are perfect. Wear on!!!

I love Orla Kiely patterns! Have you seen the Orla Kiely shirts at Uniqlo? They have one that matches your box.
Sadly, there is no store near me so I will have to hope they are still around the next time I am in NYC.

And what was wrong with those pants? It was the perfect day for them yesterday - not like today with the SNOW! What's up with that?

Tell hubby he needs to pick his battles - and save his energy for the important ones ! :)

Miss you!

Hey Zoe, I haven't seen those shirts - I'll have to go look. I wish she'd do those stems in softer pastels, too. That said, when I saw those boxes of Butler's chocolates in the Dublin duty free I went nuts and almost missed my flight!

I think Husband is choosing odd battles at the moment. He's really afraid we're never going to get a house that we both love and it's making him crabby. Last night he and Junior went at it again over brushing teeth thoroughly. I guess he thought the squirrel pants were way too short for cold weather. Jun'ette even gave him some of her knee socks to wear with them!

ooh, and what's the groovy bejeweled case i see ...


Well Elyse, that's merely my sedate looking phone. I couldn't just get a brown case, now could I? : )

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