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January 19, 2012


Chalk one up for Junior!
I love it when my kids fake sick too :)

He failed the Casapinka Chocolate Test (not unlike the Hamburger Sign in appendicitis) but managed to convince Daddy that he was sick. You see, Daddy is a sucker

LOVE IT!!!! brilliant

and he then ate two breakfasts? roflol
what a sucker that daddy was ;D
"We really need to send Husband for a Sucker School Refresher Course" great idea lol ;)

but "snuggly little boy who still thinks his mommy is the duck's quack." = exactly ;)
and isnt it nice to have one on one time - the kids seem totally different when they're not together with me... how does that happen???

that purple room - wow!!!!!!!!

They do seem different..take away the bickering and it's so much better!

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