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January 16, 2012


Sounds delightful! I'll keep a good thought that Casapinka II shall be christened soon!

I think you should buy it. It sounds wonderful. It's so nice to be in one's own space rather than renting. non-working fireplaces can be fixed or converted to those gas fireplaces, which can actually be quite nice (my parents have one gas fireplace and one wood burning fireplace. The gas fireplace gets turned on ten times or more for every wood fire).

Also, I totally need that caravan. And a yard to park it in.

Dear Pink and Family

Wonderful news!!

Please keep us informed of how it goes. I was really worried about the fires that keep happening. Please keep safe and thank you for the inspiration.

kind regards

crossing thumbs that this works for you. you MUST get out of that house.

Sounds divine! Thumbs up!

my fingers are crossed!

of course i am gasping at all of your inspiration pics here!


I have been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented before. I love your ideas! And I am also so happy to know there is another person out there who does not want granite counters! I am busting to redo my kitchen counters in butcher block, but it is impossible to find at a low price point. Best of luck with your house hunt!

Thanks, y'all! Shan,have you seen this regarding butcher block counters?

Thanks for "de-lurking"'s always so fun to know who is out there!

Oh-My-Gosh!! Thank You!! I have to get to Ikea ASAP!!

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