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January 18, 2012


It sounds absolutely lovely. To me, 'turnkey' means 'no scope for personalisation', so I sure do wish you luck with this one.

I know exactly how you feel. the house i ended up buying was not at all what i was looking for. i had a list of criteria that i wanted and this house had NONE of them. But as soon as i saw it, i fell in love and knew it would work for me. It's been great so far, and I am loving it. xoxo

Sending happy persuasive thoughts to your hubby! (And terrible bad feelings to all other potential buyers ;)

You know Phyllis...she is Auntie Bliss and before that...she was visited her first! You told her that you once had your kitchen cabinets painted like a Laduree box. How 'bout them apples!
I didn't know you ever did live in Nashville though...and I sure woulda run wild at the flea mkt. with you!

Phyllis - I can't believe that was you! What a small world because I think I started following you on Pinterest first. How funny.

hmmm, two housefires? Someone is telling you something. Buy the house!

are those last two pics of the house???
if so ... wowowowowow

I dunno! Do you remember leaving a comment once about your purple cabinets?

They are - pretty, right?

yes - i remember!

I am beside myself with excitement. It looks magical. Will we get to see pictures of you gardening in stilettos and hot pants?

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