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January 26, 2012


Hands down the most beautiful birthday cake I've ever seen. I hope M painted it! and that you will turn that first photo into a print so I can buy it. What a gorgeous burst of color. Thanks! and thanks for the hapless hubby anecdote. Now, seriously. Do not wait for the landlord. Tinkering with a broken stove can lead to a FIRE. Call a professional and deduct the cost from your rent check. PLEASE!!! House decisions?

Nope, 'broil' is not in the Irish vernacular. I always imagined it to be something similar to 'boiling', so imagine how I'm picturing husband cooking that cake!

The substitute is a beauty!

I like his optimism. Thank YOU for those glorious photos. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Aha - one person in defense of Husband. Now, that's an image! Interesting, I do remember someone boiling a chicken there, once.

good for him for at least making an effort, but if it's a gas stove, GET IT FIXED!!!

Happy belated b-day, dear Pinka!!!

I thought it was fixed - I swear!

Ok, ok, we'll get it fixed, y'all. You must be a weary of reading about fires as I am of experiencing them.

Word to my motha! I want a cake like that one, if only for a purty blog post!
Happy birthday to a girl with an epic mealtime husband (take him stat to Youtube to see the Epic Mealtime vids)

Here in Ireland we've never heard of broiling. Is it boiling? Grilling maybe? I think it must be grilling. Anyway, the cake is amazo. I like the husbands style.

Yes, broiling and grilling are pretty similar but w/ slight differences (I looked it up.) When we grill we usually do it outside. The broiler is the heat element on the very top of the oven, and you control temperature w/ the temp of the oven. That's the extent of my knowledge. I guess I can't laugh too much at poor Husband now!

My husband in the US doesn't understand broiling either.

I just found your site, i love it and it is funny one of the first things i read about is your irish hubby trying to broil your birthday cake, i am from ireland and i had no clue what broiling was, i have been in the states for 9 years and have only recently been okay with using the broiler :)

Wow, how did U do it? Great flowers

That cake's look nice! Can I have one?

kominki wodne

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