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December 04, 2011


Oh my god, how terrifying. I am glad your family and kitty are okay. Please let us know if you need anything - maybe we can all send you a skein of awesome yarn to rebuild your collection. Sending good vibes from San Francisco - on a clear cool night.

Oh no! I'm glad you are all physically safe. That must be so hard. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Your perspective and spirits seem good. I will be worried all day so do check back in.

Glad to hear all are safe! I really hope there won't be too much damage to your things. Hang in there - your dream house is right around the corner.

How can I help? We have bronchitis and viruses here but will be clear in a few days if you need school pick up. Take care and I hope that the damage isn't very severe. Has someone called service pro?

I'm glad everyone is safe including your cat. I hope everything isn't ruined and you are able to save most of your belongings.


Wow! I'm so glad you all are okay! How very scary. May things go very smoothly with the insurance companies, and I hope your own new house is on the horizon!

Scary stuff! Glad you are all ok and can cuddle together.


Poor you, what a shock. I hope you get to salvage the stuff that is dear to you, and that all is calm and back to normal soon.

awwww, casa.p... thinking of you and hoping things are looking better in the light of day.


I'm so sorry to hear that, especially the yarn part!!! Glad to hear that the husband, kids and animals ( stuffed and alive ) made it out okay!

It's funny how when I read a blog post such as this one, you the writer are no longer a lady with great style and hilarious sense of humor. To me you become a fellow mom who I know from a playgroup or old college friend. Thank you for sharing your this with us!

Oh Pinka, I am so sorry for your troubles!!! Sending warm wishes from the desert....Heather

I'm so glad you are all ok.Saying a prayer for you and your family tonight. Posessions are replaceable, people are not. Maybe your new house is nearer than you think..My best wishes to you and the family.

How really awful for you. I hope things will stop smelling and settle back down soon as possible. I hope all things pretty and pink are okay.

Holy Crap. So glad you are all out. My mom had a kitchen fire a few years ago and it was awful. Really the only good part about it was that she had to buy new couches because the smoke smell never really came out of them. And she is boring and picked navy instead of awesome. I hope there is a little good that comes from this.

Oh I sympathize so 100% with you!! I am a new person to your blog, I came across you via a retweet from JoAnn Fabrics. But I might know you from elsewhere too, I suspect. Anyway, my family's house (where I grew up but no longer live) had a big fire in the attic a few years ago - we ended up salvaging a lot of the stuff but scrapping the house. We had a lot of water damage from the fact it all got applied top down, but if you want any advice on smoke damage, feel free to drop me a line. Not that I have any brilliant "this will fix everything" solutions, but I've at least tried a few things. The one that works best is just to leave it all outside for as long as you can. We also had a dry cleaner that specialized in repairing smoke damage. They might even be able to help your yarn - the sweaters we got back smell fine. It's just a question of what they'll take - tho you might do ok putting it outside too depending on how bad it smells now. I'm glad nothing worse happened for you guys tho, I wasn't there at the time of our fire, and that would make it all x 100 more traumatic I'm sure!

Thank you so much - all of you for your well wishes and advice. So appreciated. xoxo Pink

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