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October 19, 2011


Oh but its Beautiful! Funny about the knitters not wanting to sew. I love how the border brings out the color of the yarn.

I think it is fabulous!!! And I think I would much rather sew something on after all that work than crochet a edging. I know you said knit, but I don't know how to knit only crochet. ;0)

well, I quite like it with the the binding, well done!

I think it's super cute because of the fabric edging. I probably wouldn't make the pattern but that's only because I don't knit blankets, because I'm lazy and it's just too much knitting. Could be a really cute effect on a baby cardigan. Or a fabric band on a knit hat?

i disagree
i think the fabric gives it a whole different look, a chic look.
here in france there are cute little girls' dresses in one of the yarn stores i frequent that have "liberty" bands sewn along the neck openings - super cute!

I love the choice of fabric for the binding, and the entire blanket. Keep those creative juices flowing!

It is gorgeous. Would you consider selling that blanket? Seriously.

Psssshhhhh, not COMPLETELY unmarketable. There are at least 6 of us here that love it! And I do. Love it. Now, if only I could knit.....

I can't knit or quilt, but I can shop and I would totally buy it!

Beautiful work. I've been knitting since I was in third grade and I do know a tad bit of sewing. My husband and I are about to start a family and I was hoping to do a couple of simple quilts in addition to a huge amount of baby knitting. This project is the perfect fusion!! I love it.

I love the look, it really caught my eye and made me stop to read the post. I think it has a really unique look and you should trust your gut!

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