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August 18, 2011


Every two seconds, "Mommy, I got another mosquito bite! Mommy, where's my water bottle? Mommy, push me on the hammock - pleeeeease!" All of these complaints/requests I fielded nicely, running back and forth quite calmly, until Jun'ette's, "Mommy, this is serious, he's stuck on top!" And the panicked cry that ensued out of Junior's gullet sent me running pell-mell into the play area and scaling the spider web before wee Humpty Dumpty broke his crown (or was that Jack?

Great wrap!
I too have played Spider woman to rescue my little one. I then showed her the age requirements written in tiny print on the structure, 6+, and told her we would get in big trouble if she used it again before she turned 6. She laughed at me. I saw a pair of sleek hot pink glasses the other day and thought of you because, really, who else would I have thought of?

I love the photo of you going to Junior's rescue. You are amazing. xxoo

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