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March 12, 2010


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Painting dresses is a good, good thing to do. I'm sorry that the Lymes is being such a bother, and I hope that the specialist managed to come up with some more effective treatment. Twinings Rose Pouchong is the tea I dearly love - difficult to find in Ireland; perhaps less so in the US?

Do you know what Juniorette might like - French knitting using an empty spool of thread and some nails and wool - do you remember that? Many happy hours of my youth were spent at it. Maybe it's gone out of fashion.

Lemon ginger tea! Especially when your nose is stuffy.

I like the painting, especially the lower half. At least in the photos the top part of the dress fades into the background a bit. (That's meant to be constructive, not mean! I really do like it!)

Hope you feel better.

I actually never tried that sort of knitting but I remember seeing it done. Maybe I'll try and get a spool and nails set up for her - nice idea. and jenn, that wasn't at all taken as bad criticism - i agree with you but have vowed to myself not to put up something i've done and then announce everything that's wrong with it.

Pink, you're painting is lovely!!! You are progressing very fast. Did you ever draw or paint before? Fabric is very hard. At the art school here, fabric painting is a whole semester! That one looks larger than your others. What are the dimensions.

I really struggled the past few days with illness, so I am totally empathizing. I don't know what I'd do if I had children to take care of.

And lastly, meditation will help! Learning to calm the mind is what brings energy! Now that I've said that I better go meditate, because I have no energy. xxoo

Thanks! I think it's 11 X 14 and no never could draw even a balloon but am slowly slowly learning. There are lots of things I'd like to change about it but as my teacher says, you have to make tons of paintings that you aren't going to like before making one that you love. And also that you learn something from every painting - success or failure - that you do.

i am loving this gorgeous painting you've just done! where are you hanging it up!???

How is your illness? I love your blog. I read it daily and your- well- pluck- and sense of color always cheer me up. I am also on a house quest . KT

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