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February 10, 2010


That sofa is beautiful, and I'm impressed by how reasonable the prices are. Lovely colours. It reminds me of Squint's furniture.

I have to confess that my kids and I are quoting you now.
Hehe...we say...

YOU. Are not fierce.

Phyllis, Haha! Well, then I'm flattered. : ) Not the most erudite statement in the world but whatever keeps ya comin' back.

B, will have to check out Squint - thanks for the heads up. D is coming to Dublin in a couple of weeks - wish I could visit you (I'm staying here.)

The pink Chaise made me gasp out loud.... at work... in an office full of men....

They don't understand :(

Oh. My. Lord. I'm with Kirsten, my jaw literally hung open, my hand fluttered to my breast, a gasp escaped my lips... for the turqouise tufted sofa. oh, it's PERFECTION!

My whole living room is going to be dusty red/pink and aqua. Pretty much the colours of your cat's water bowl! Mostly thanks to you, actually, I remember a post in your kitchen, I think, when I decided that I loved that combo more than anything, and if I was ever allowed to paint a wall, that is what it would be. AND NOW I CAN.

Oh Kate, I'm truly happy for you - I know the feeling of NOW I CAN! It sounds lovely - I hope you send me a photo when it's all finished. My cat is one lucky feline, isn't she? She had a matching water bowl but sadly, Junior used it to play "kitchen" (where he and his sister open the fridge, take about 8 things out, mix them with salt and sugar and try to feed it to Husband and me) and it succumbed.

Your cat certainly has a very stylish water bowl!

(And thanks for visiting Odi et Amo!)

You are one HOT MAMA for sure. Your kids must be a hoot to have around...well sometimes right? Your kitty drinks out of one darn sweet bowl, but then look at your blog, your surroundings, your creativity... should I be shocked? NO.
May I feature CASAPINKA tonight? I would like to share you with my friends now. I think it's time lol
I really didn't want to share you, you know, but I think it's time. I know they will love you.
Let me know. Oh and that couch up there... TO DIE FOR, and those wrist warmers... CUTE and those hearts well you know I can NEVER get enough pink.
Sending warm hugs to you. Stay warm.
Love Claudie
P.S. I also have some of those socks, and a pair from Betsy Johnson too. LOVE EM'

that couch is seriously rocking my socks right now. awesome find as always, hope you're having a lovely week!

xo urban flea :)

Next time you must come and see us! I hope D's trip goes well and he gets to go round Cath Kidston and Avoca for presents for you. Some good stuff in the Terence Conran shop in Arnotts too.

Love the cat water bowl photograph-beautiful!! and I LIKE seeing your shoes (and socks) great COUCHES.

What a great site! I'm stoked I stumbled upon it!

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