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February 24, 2010


Isn't it music to your ears Pink? I know I love it. It's snowing lightly and all is quiet here also. I'll pretend to have a cup of tea with you on that great patched pink couch. LOVE IT.
Enjoy the peace and pamper yourself. You deserve it.
Sending quiet hugs
Love Claudie

These pictures make me feel so GOOD. I think I need to paint more pink flowers. Hope you put a peony on your own pillow. ENJOY the sweet peace.

Did you ever see the Michael Myers SNL skit the hyper-hypo? "I'm a Robot, I'm a robot, I'm talking like a robot?" My favorite.

Can I get that patchwork couch in my sewing room? I lurve it. :)

now, that sofa is insisting i have a lie down with a nice hot cuppa, my latest barnes & noble purchase and my kitties. positively INSISTING that i do it! we may not have that glorious sofa, but what's stopping us from stitching together a nice, big throw in all those fab colors? doesn't even need to be quilted; i've sewn fabric to an existing throw, tacking it here and there with embroidery floss knots. i think i'm going to hunt down some remnants this weekend and get started! loved this post, pink <3

i love love love the image of the flowers in the vase; such a gogeous combination of patterns, textures, and colors. lovely! hope you're having a wonderful week my pink girl!

xo urban flea :)

Such amazing pillows. Wanting to conquer a layered felt pillow this weekend, similar to the one you have displayed in yellow!

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