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April 15, 2009


Oh, a nice pole in the corner would be great! And you could paint it pink. ;)

I love this idea! Just watched the Girls Next Door and Kendra was going to put one in nearly every room in her new house. Why not?

Get the pole, and a fireman hat. Then no one will think twice about him sliding down a pole.

What about a hanging lamp that plugs in and swags from the ceiling. Or you can get these DIY kits that involves a plug, a thin thin thin strip of wire that spray adhesives to the wall (and bends and folds) which you then mud over and paint leaving you with a cute little sconce and no poles or wires.

I say go for it. Head to your nearest Home Depot, get some galvanized pipe and some flanges or whatever they're called. I also think just doing it partway up the wall - so a horizontal piece joined with one of those elbow thingies and then a vertical piece down to the floor. That way it's not so stripper pole-like, and he can swing from the horizontal part (if it's not too tall).

Yes, I say go for the pole. And once he outgrows this "phase" of his, whenever that might be, you can repurpose it, although I'm not sure for what. I'll think about it and let you know.
Mother of 2 in Brussels (6 and 4 years old)

instead of stripper pole, say its a fire pole. then the husband will be oh ok yea lets put one in the boy's room!

Why do people have to call all the sleeze to mind? When I was a kid it was just a pole and it was good fun to play on. I even wanted one as a grown up - it would be THE best way to get down from the mezzanine or loft. And I think it would look great actually.

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