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August 10, 2008


Priceless. You've got your very own little Louvre going.

Oh my gosh!!!! I adore that lolly pop idea!
Could you post some instructions up as to how to do it??

Just found your nice blog! Will be checking back often from now on!

I posted about our KidArt. Read it here

Love your blog :)

You are hilarious! I love the purse collection. Ahem, might I just add, I regularly get commissioned, too, Missy.

just foubd your blog by doing a web search for faux bamboo. love the house and your style. take care.

Yay! you used the epoxy resin technique! it came out wondrful! Loved it!

I LOVE kiddie art - its so cute & emotive! Last weekend here in Australia was fathers day - I don't have any children, but somehow have managed to turn this into an annual tradition of doing hand & foot prints of friends & clients children for their pappa pics!
Tough work that kid wrangling! -how people manage that everyday!!!

Brilliant art at it's finest. I adore it. My son is also on a bunk bed kick.

Your are invited to spend a weekend, with me, traveling around my home in the beautiful Tyne Valley, Northumberland. Enjoy!
I know you have seen it before but this is a little bit different.

Oh they are all sooooo cute.:)

Oh they are all sooooo cute.:)

Cute! I remember being obsessed w/ bunk beds when I was a kid, but I didn't have them. Which is probably why I was obsessed. I thought they were so cool. I remember the Different Strokes boys having them. Maybe that was it? :)

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