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March 31, 2008


Hmm, I would sew or buy a similar curtain for the window (wait, but you made a shade for it, right? Never mind!) rather than putting a curtain on the tub. I have a clawfoot and honestly I never take baths in it because we have to have a curtain on it for showering, and as a result it feels a bit claustrophobic for baths.

Maybe you could get the laundry bag and hang it on an awesome old hook to get your ruffle fix!

Mindy at Fixer Upper made her own version of this :)

You could make one too!

I'm leaning towards no curtain. I think the bath is too cool to hide.

hmmm while i agree about the no curtain comments above, i also like the curtain! what about making one yourself but perhaps just a short length (for effect)????

i love your pink tub and the ruffled curtain. i think they would feel very luxurious together. i personally couldnt take a bath in an open tub.

You so need to buy this curtain.

As I've said before, opaque shower curtains make me totally claustrophobic. I like being able to see what's coming when I'm in the shower. But will your art work get wet if you have no shower curtain at all?

I love them both. DO IT DO IT

Go for the curtain, I love it!!! What a great choice!


No curtain!
Congratulation on your work! (pink tub, white radiator, white floor...)

Curtain! Just don't keep it pulled around the tub...maybe use a cute curtain tie-back (from anthro. or urban outfitters) to keep it pulled back. Super cute!

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