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June 28, 2007


I have to say that I can't recall having seen Jackie O hung up in anyone's home yet...I think will be a cute add to your walls. I wish I could say I had anything hung up on the walls in our home, well...except the glue stains from the wood paneling we tore off a couple of weeks ago :(

I think it's very personal, appropriate and beautiful to hang an 'icon' on the wall who is someone that you aspire towards (in this case style). I have a vintage 'lux' soap ad with Grace Kelly framed in my medicine cabinet that I got on ebay for like $3 years ago and that I love :-) So to those nay-sayers...I say BOO!

I have a couple photos up of Carol Burnett in Once Upon a Mattress (one of the early productions). She's one of my heroines.

I don't have any pics of famous folks on my walls, but I do have an oil painting that my grandmother painted in the 1940's...and she's iconic in my eyes. She and my grandfather lived in Germany during WWII, as my grandfather was a Captain in the American Army. During the day, she would paint (oil or water color). One summer semester in college, my family and I went to Germany. While I loved it all, there was one particular spot in Rothenburg that took my breath away. I stood in the middle of the street and told my Dad that where we were at that moment was my very favorite spot. Upon returning home and rummaging through my grandfather's house, I found an oil painting that my grandmother had painted, and it was of the exact same spot in Rothenburg that I claimed as my favorite...and it's perspective was from where I also stood that day. My grandfather told me that she painted that particular picture so she could remember her favorite spot. I started to cry, as did my Dad. The connection of that spot and that moment were overwhelming...especially since my grandmother passed away a month before I was born. I now have that picture over my fireplace...after having it restored and re-framed in a beautiful frame that I had shipped from Holland. If my house ever catches on fire, that painting is the one thing that I would grab. Is my grandmother famous in an iconic way? No. But, she's iconic to me, so I guess you can say that I have some iconic art on my walls.

I am starting to love those heads (except of Frida of course) and that Jackie O one is REALLY pretty. Pardonez-moi for not thining it would look good in your hallway. YEESH. ;) Anyway, the only pic of an icon I have is my andy warhol prints (the ones with his sayings and an image of him in the background)

Well, it isn't glam, but I fight with Mr. Lovee to get a framed mid sized black and white guitar playing photo of Carlos Santana out of the hallway. No luck. xxo
(Love your idea)

Pink, I think the use of inconic images is incredibly interesting. However, I prefer to see some interesting reinterpretation of them. For example, can you photocopy this and use watercolor to paint in the copies in different color, you know in Warholian way? Or, can you scan it and send it to one of the many companies on the internet who do this? Jackie-O is a fascinating icon which will stimulate discussion, but what would be even more fascinating would be a reinterpretation of her image.

That's such a great question. Ages ago, I was in a Jackie O happening that coincided with her posthumous estate sale. We all dressed up like Jackie. I was equestrian Jackie. Others were debutante Jackie, etc. I had a picture of the happening up for a while. She's such a great icon and she's so perfectly "pink," too!

These days I have a 1974 Helmut Newton photo of Charlotte Rampling on my office wall to go along with my obsession with old disco.

Hey everyone, this has generated some very interesting discussion. TraumaPen, that is an incredible story, so moving and other-worldly. Charlotte Rampling, Carole Burnett, Grace Kelly, Carlos Santana (hee!). Of course, if you read Pink Mohair you know about my Placido Domingo fetish and the poster I had of him in medschool. I love the idea of a reinterpretation as well, which is what Peggy suggested. Thanks for taking the time to share a bit of your personal lives.

Is the head vase a depiction of her from the state funeral? Something about the head scarf and black gloves seems familiar.

I have a giant 20"x30" B&W framed portrait of PeeWee Herman that my aunt bought me at a gas station for $5 when I was little up on my wall. I still love PeeWee.

How funny -I have a photo of myself at that very spot where she is standing (many years later of course). I've got to dig it out of one of the many albums collecting dust. I've always appreciated her flair and class. My best friend in Paris also loves her and has an old photo of her up in her bijoux of an apartment in simple black and white.

I love this image, colors and all just like it is. You could try digitizing the image to a much larger scale. Then you would have a "larger than life" Jackie! I'm liking that.

I love old magazine covers...collect them.....should really do something with them...

I like the idea of a small shrine on the desk. An oh so tasteful silver frame with a Jackie photo. Fake signature of course. Perhaps a beautiful vintage handbag and gloves folded through the handle. Crystal vase with fresh blown roses and a silver calling card platter.

I love Jackie. Love. Her.
I have a couple of old movie promo pictures of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in my bedroom.
My mother used to have an autographed picture of Bill Hayes (a soap actor) hanging in the stairwell with the family pictures.

Just me. Does that count?

Of course, Di!

I'm excited to have found your blog, very inspring. I have two original Doris Day movie posters hanging in my house.

I have a B & W photo of late rock star Jeff Buckley by Merri Cyr that I love.

i have JFK in my birthday is the same day as the anniversary of his assassination, so i have lots of JFK and jackie stuff. i love that picture, and it looks great on the wall!

I try to find iconic fashion moments and put them in my closet - from Edie Sedgewick to Madonna in the '80's, from Chloe Seveigney to Natalie Portman on the cover of Bazaar in the Breakfast at Tiffany's dress. It's kind of a flashback to my bulletin boards in H.S. and they are hidden away on the closet wall.

Jackie is so inspirational; one of my all-time style favorites.

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